Usage and scope of application
The design of CNSV series of MCCB(Shorted as circuit breaker) reflects the latest current limiting principle and manufacturing technology, characterized by compact structure,full modularization, high breaking,
and zero arcover. Its rated insulation voltage is 750V, rated operating voltage is AC50/60Hz, 690V and below, rated working current up to 630A. It’s used for generating infrequentconversion and infrequent startup
of the motor. Circuit breaker is equipped with overload, short circuit and under voltage protection devices, so as to protect the circuit and E type compact power equipments from damage.

Compliance with standards International standards

IEC947-1 :general rules
IEC947-2: circuit breakers
IEC947-4: contactors and motor starters
IEC947-5.1: control circuit devices and switching elements: automatic control components.
National standards
GB14048.1: general rules
GB 14048.2: circuit breakers

Working environment

The altitude belows 2,000m.
Circuit Breaker may be used between -25 ℃ and +70℃. For temperatures higher than 40℃(65℃for circuit breakers used to protect motor feeders), devices must be derated;
It can withstand the impact from humid air, salt spray, oil mist and mold;
It should be installed in places with no danger of explosion, no conductive dust, and no substance enough to corrode metal or damage the insulation;
In places with no rain and snow erosion;
Pollution degree 3;
Installation category III.

Type 100E100-250400-630 
Plug-infront-connections/rear connections 
Product appearance 
Electrical characteristics as per IEC60947 and EN60947-2
Rated current (A) ln40℃ 
Rated voltageUe(V)AC 50/60Hz 440 
Rated insulation voltageUi(V)690 
Rated impulse voltageUimp (kV)6 
Utilization category A 
Operation performanceMechanical1000085006000 
 Electrical 440V2000150010000 
ProtectionChart A-1 
Idication and control auxiliaries  
Auxiliary switchY 
MS Shunt coillY 
MN under-voltage coilY 
Chart A-1
Ratings(A)ln at 40℃16 25 32 40 50 63 80 100 125 160 200 250 320 400 500 600
Circuit breaker CNSV100 
Short-circuit protection(Magnetic protection)
Pick-up(A) Im  fixed
aCCUracyt20% CNSV100 190 300400500500500 540800
Overload protection(Thermal protection)
Pick-up(A) lr=lnx… adjustable from 0.7 to 1 x In
tripping between 1.05 and 1.20 Ir
Neutral protection  
Unprotected neutral 4P3D no detection

Trip units ETS2.3
Ratings (A) of circuit breaker In 20 to 70 ℃400 630
Circuit breakerCNSV400 F/N/H CNSV630 F/N/H 
Overload protection (Long time)   
Current settinglr = In x…0,5…1
  adj,. 6 settings 
Time delay (s) fixed
(min….max.)at 1.5x Ir 90..   .180
 at 6x Ir 5..       .7.5
 at 7.2 Ir3.2..   .5.0
Short-circuit protection (Short time)  
 Pick-up (A)Isd = Irx…2… 10
accuracy  ±15 %  adj. 8 settings
Time delay (ms) fixed
 max, resettable time40
 total break time60
Short-circuit protection (instantaneous)   
Pick-up (A)li = In x …11
Protection of the fourth pole  
Neutralun protected  4P3D no protection 
Neutral protectionat 0.5 ln 4P3D + N/2 0.5 xlr
Neutral protection at In4P4D 1 xlr
Thermal memory  

Overload protection experiment should be made under the testing environment of 40℃.Therefore,when the ambient temperature is above or below 40℃,Ir protecting value will be changed a little.

Release CNSV100E

Release CNSV100F-250F/N

Type Of Circuit BreakerRated CurrentTemperature (℃)