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Breaking capacity

Excellent performance
CNSX dual rotary contact structure and the energy release system to ensure stable and reliable protection, and has excellent current-limiting characteristics. Transparent aluminum cover protects your trip unit from settings, rotary handle, motor operation mechanism, etc. can be installed.
Compliance with standards
International standards
♦      IEC947-1 general rules
♦      IEC947-2: circuit breakers
♦      IEC947-4: contactors and motor starters
♦      IEC947-5.1: control circuit devices and switching elements; automatic control components.
National standards
♦      GB14048.1: general rules
♦      GB14048.2: circuit breakers
Working environment
♦      The altitude belows 2,000m;
♦      Circuit Breaker may be used between -25C and +70C. For temperatures higher than 40C(65C for circuit breakers used to protect motor feeders), devices must be derated;
♦      It can withstand the impact from humid air, salt spray, oil mist and mold;
♦      It should be installed in places with no danger of explosion, no conductive dust, and no substance enough to corrode metal or damage the insulation;
♦      In places with no rain and snow erosion;
♦      Pollution degree 3;
♦      Installation category III.
Type 100-250400-630 
 Plug-infront-connections/rear connections 
Product appearance   
Electrical characteristics as per IEC60947 and EN60947-2
Rated current (A) ln40℃ 
Rated voltageUe(V)AC 50/60Hz 690V 
Rated insulation voltageUi(V)750 
Rated impulse voltageUimp (kV)8 
Utilization categoryA 
Operation performanceMechanical85006000 
Electrical 150010000 
ProtectionChart B-1  B-2 
Idication and control auxiliaries  
Auxiliary switchY 
MS Shunt coillY 
MN under-voltage coilY 

Overload protection: Thermal protection(lr)   
Thermal overload protection based on a bimetal strip providing an inverse time  
curve l²t, corresponding to a temperature rise limit. Above this limit, the deformation
 of the strip trips the circuit breaker operating mechanism.  
Overload protection has the following characteristics: 
■ Ir that can be adjusted in amps from 0.7 to 1 times the rating of the trip unit(16A to 250A)
■ corresponding to settings from 11 to 250A for the range of trip units. 
A non-adjustable time delay.   
Short-circuit protection: Magnetic protection(lm)Short-circuit protection with a
 fixed or adjustable pick-up Im that initiates instantaneous tripping if exceeded.
■TM-D: fixed pick-up, Im, for 16-160A ratings and adjustable from 5 to 10 x In for 200 and 250Aratings.

Protection of distribution system

LED indication

Settings are made using the adjustment dials with fine adjustment possibilities. 
Overload protection: long time protection(lr)
Inverse time protection against overloads with an adjustable current pick-up Irset 
using a dial and a non-adjustable time delay tr.
Short-circuit protection: Short-time protection with fixed time delay(lsd) 
Protection with an adjustable pick-up Isd. Tripping takes place after a very short
 delay used to allow discrimination with the downstream device.
Short circuit instantaneous protection:(li) 
Instantaneous short-circuit protection with a fixed pick-up. 
Vigicompact CNSX100-630 circuit breakers with earth-leakage protection
Addlllun uf the Vlgi modulws dues nut alter ciruull-bieakur cliaiauluiisllus.
♦     Compliance with standards,
♦     Degree or protection, class n front-face insulation;
♦      Isolation function,compliance with IEC947-2;
♦      Electrical characteristics;
♦      Trip-unit characteristics;
♦      Installation and connection modes;
♦      Indication, measurement and control auxiliaries;
♦      Installation and connection accessories;
Dimension 100-250400-630 
  4P140X236X06 180X355X110 
Vigi earth-leakage protection modules
Compliance with standards
♦      IEC60947-2, appendix B;
♦      IEC60255-4 and IEC60801-2-5.
♦      IEC60755, class A. immunity to DC components up to 6mA.
♦      peration down to -25℃ as per VDE664.
Remote indications
Vigi modules may be equipped with an auxiliary contact(SDV) to remotely signal tripping due to an earth fault.
Power supply
Vigi modules are self-supplied internally, they continue to function even when supplied by only A. C two phases

1.Sensitivity setting
2.Time-delay setting(distinguish earth fault protection)
3.Lead-seal fixture for controlled access to settings
4.Test button simulating an earth-fault for regular checks on the tripping function.
5. Reset button(reset required alter earth-fault tripping)
6.Rating plate
7.Housing for SDV auxiliary contact

Mounting on plate

The main function of circuit breaker

CNSX series of MCCB offers comprehensive function choice. These functions can be used easily, and can be completely applied into every field safely.

♦       toggle handle
♦       rotary handle
♦       motor operation mechanism
♦       related accessories
♦       Mic electronic release unit
♦       TM-D Thermal Magnetic release unit
♦       Vigi ground-fault protection module
♦       Mic related accessories of release unit
♦       Mic maintenance interface