Product appearance 
Rated current (AT 40°C )(A)630, 800, 1000
Rated voltageUe(V)AC415
Rated insulation voltageUi(V)AC1000
Rated impulse voltageUimp (kV)AC8
Rated ultimate short circuit breaking capacityIcu (kA)690 V AC50
415 V AC80
Rated service short circuit breaking capacityIcs (kA)690 V AC40
415 V AC50
Pollution Degree3
Operation life electrical (415 V)ON-OFF1000
Long-time delay adj. Current Ir1(0,4-1)xIn
Long-time delay time t1sn0-480
Short-time delay Current Ir2A(0,4-15)Xın
Short-time delay time  t2sn0,1-1
Instantaneus tripping current Ir3AIn…50Ka+OFF
Earth Fault Current  Ir4A(0,2-0,8)xIn+OFF
Ambient Temperature
Working temperature°C-25 ile +70
Storage temperature°C-40 ile +80
Shunt Trip Coil ( 230 V AC)depends on order
UnderVoltage Coil (230 V AC)depends on order
Delay type Undervoltage coil (230 V AC)depends on order
Closing Coil ( 230 V AC)depends on order
Aux. contact ( 4NO+4NC)standard
Motor Operator ( 230 V AC)depends on order
Mechanical Interlockdepends on order


Union UNFA/UNDA series intelligent Air circuit breakers are suitable for use in commercial buildings or industrial plants where safety and reliability of power supply is an important requirement.

Main Futures

• Fixed and Drawable versions

• Rated current from 630A to 6300A AC and rated voltage of 690 V.

• Short circuit Breaking Capacity 80kA~ 120kA(effective value);

• Rated working voltage 690V AC

• Three or four poles;

• Microprocessor controlled intelligent trip unit for all round protection

• Manual or motor operated stored energy drive mechanism for direct or remote actutation.

• Ambient temperature: -5 ~ +40, and average temperature in 24 hours below +35 (except for special orders)

• Comply with EN 60947-2 and VDE 0660.

Environment conditions For Operation and Installation

• Altitude should be less than 2000m.

• Relative humidity: not exceeding 50% at the maximum ambient temperature. higher humidity would be permitted, but the lowest average temperature in a month not exceeding +35°C during the most moist moth, and the maximum monthly average relative humidity not exceeding 90% in that month, and giving consideration the dews on the goods surface, which would appear due to temperature change.

• Pollution degree 3 grade.

• The breakers used on ships can operate reliably under normal vibration.

• The breaker should be installed in compartment of switch – board and door frame should be fixed additionally. Protection grade is up to IP40.


Position Of Draw-Out Type Air Circuit Breakers

Connected position: Main circuit and control circuit are connected.

Test position: The main circuit disconnected and control circuit connected.Testing is possible with the panel door closed.

Disconnected position: The main circuit and auxiliary circuit are disconnected . safety seperator is closed.

Disconnected position: The main circuit and auxiliary circuit are disconnected . safety seperator is closed.

Selecting the intelligent controller
Type H (Normal)
Panel caption:
1. return button for fault releasing
2. rated current of the breaker
3. unit of voltage
4. voltage indicator
5. voltage of each line and the min, value
6. key for selecting voltage
7. current¡time indicator
8. unit of current and time
9. indication of three phase current, neutral phase current,grounding fault-current and the max. value
10. key for selecting current
11. ” clean ” key
12. fault showing for instantaneous
13. fault showing for over-load short-delay
14. fault showing for over-load long-delay
15. Fault showing for earthed error
16. showing the long-delay current setting (alarm simultaneously )
17. showing the long-delay action time setting
18. showing the short-delay current setting (alarm simultaneously )
19. showing the short-delay action time setting
20. showing the instantaneous current setting (alarm simultaneously)
21. key for inspecting fault
22. key for detecting wearing of contacts
23. load supervision signal 2 ( alarm simultaneously )
24. load supervision signal 1 ( alarm simultaneously
25. setting’s decrease progressively
26. setting’s increase progressively
27. supply socket ( DC24V) for test power
28. memory key
29. memory indicator
30. non-release test key
31. release test key
32. setting key for various protection value
33. indication of the earthed fault action time setting
34. indication of the earthed fault current setting (alarm simultaneously)
35. release indicating
36. test indicating
Other function:
1. auto-diagnosis
2. thermo-simulation
3. fault-memory
4. MCR
Note: The panel herein belongs to the circuit breaker of four poles, If the breaker is of three poles, the mark IN in item 9 indicating current of neutral phase will disappear. Other than the type M intelligent controller with voltage indication, the other one without voltage indication is also available (there aren’t items 3、4、5 and 6 on the panel in this case.)

Power Consumption And Capacity Lower Coefficient

Power consumption (Ambient temp+40¡)
UNFA/UNDA-2000 (3-poles)
UNFA/UNDA-2000 (4-poles)
UNFA/UNDA-3200 (3-poles)
UNFA/UNDA-3200 (4-poles)
UNFA/UNDA-4000 (3-poles)
UNFA/UNDA-4000 (4-poles)
UNFA/UNDA-6300 (3-poles)

Capacity Lower Coefficient
The circuit breaker capacity lower coefficient

Environment Temperature+40¡+45¡+50¡+55¡+60¡
Permission Continual
Working current

Note: Relationship between ambient temperature and permission continual working current (Under each ambient temperature condition,basing on the circuit breaker inlet and outlet’s acting temperature reaching 110¡)

Characteristic Of The Intelligent Controller

Outer And Mount Dimensions

Fixed Circuit Breaker Mount & Outer Dimensions refer to chart 8, 9¡.

Drawer Type CB Mount & Outer Dimensions refer to chart 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16¡.

User Connect copper Blocks spe. Q¡ty as the following chart.

Rated currentOut connect copper
block Spec
Pcs per poleRated CurrentOut connect copper
block spec
Pcs per pole
Inma mmb mmc mm

Breaker Secondary Ciruit Wiring Diagram

Setting Value Before Leaving Factory

The intelligent controller would be configured as follows, If no special demands was
put forward when ordering:

Overload longdelayCurrent setting Ir1In
Delay time setting t115S
Short-circuit hort-delayCurrent setting Ir28Ir1
Delay time setting t10.4S
Short-circuit instantaneous
current setting Ir3
Earthed errorsCurrent setting Ir4UNFA/UNDA- 2000UNFA/UNDA-200¡4000UNFA/UNDA- 6300
Delay time setting t40.8In or 1200A
(choose smaller value)
0.6In or 1600A
(choose smaller value)
Delay time setting t4OFF
Load monitoringMonitoring setting ILC1In
Monitoring setting ILC2In